Cornish Shrimpers at Parkstone Yacht Club








The Cornish Shrimper is safe, secure and stable - you do not have to be young and fit.


It can be sailed single handed but is normally crewed by two people - you do not need more. You can choose to race or take friends or family out for a sail.


The cabin has facilities to allow you to live on board for trips or holidays. The differing cabin layouts meet most requirements but all offer at least two full-length berths.


The Shrimper can be towed with a large car and kept at home for winter maintenance.


More than 1100 Cornish Shrimpers have been made, most of which are still sailing. There are over 70 in Poole Harbour.


It is an excellent sea boat. The large cockpit remains dry even in big seas. With the sails reefed it handles winds of F5-6 without a problem. The lifting centre-plate makes the Shrimper ideal for Poole Harbour because it can float in 18 inches of water.


Manufacturing started in 1979 with a Mark I outboard version followed in 1981 by an inboard diesel. The Mark II followed in 1995 (boat no 680) also with either outboard or inboard engines. The mixture of engines is about 50% each.


Prices range from less than 10,000 up to about 35,000 and they hold their resale value.


At Parkstone Yacht Club you join a fleet currently of thirty-four of which 45% cruise and 55% race in friendly competition.


You join a very sociable set where the Club as well as the Shrimper Owners Association hold various events locally, some nationally and internationally.


At PYC you can keep your Shrimper in the marina or on a swinging mooring. There is a water taxi to take you out to your swinging mooring.


Most owners would not change their boats and have now owned them for 10/15 years.


Class Captain is John Tanner, Shrimper 347, tel: 01202 888368 email:


Class Secretary is Paul Tyler, Shrimper 764, tel: 01202 733344,


You can find used Cornish Shrimpers for sale at: