A warm relaxed friendly environment with the best views to be found anywhere.

Our bar provides members and their guests a great place to meet to sample a vast range of lagers, beers and spirits at great prices.

We feature guest beers on a regular basis, keep an eye out for montly promotions in newsletters and facebook.

We also carry a large selection of wines of various varieties that are reasonably priced across the range.

Members using their Club cards at the Bar will benefit from a 10% discount. In order for us to provide the best possible service while using this facility, please ensure you have topped up the balance on your card sufficiently prior to peak periods.

Guest beers will be featured on a regular basis, come on down and see what's on offer now!


2020 Wine List

Please find our Wine List here.



Opening Hours

Current hours up to Thursday 9th April 2020 (Easter weekend)

  Daytime     Evening    
Monday 11.00 to  14.30 18.00 to  23.00
Tuesday 11.00 to  14.30 18.00 to  23.00
Wednesday 11.00 to 14.30 18.00 to  23.00
Thursday  11.00  to  14.30 18.00 to  23.00
Friday 11.00 to  14.30 17.00 to  23.00
Saturday 11.00   open all  day to  23.00
Sunday  11.00   to  17.00 Closed    

Closing times may be earlier than advertised on quiet evenings

The Club is closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day

Upper Deck Bar will be open on busy Friday evenings and during events.

Visitors & Guests

Members bringing a Guest into the Club must conform to the Licensing Act by entering their Guest's name and address in the Visitors' Book, which is situated on the Reception desk. The same Guest may not be brought into the Club more than 7 times in the same year.