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Useful Links

The links below are ones found to be useful and working as of July 2015. Please contact us if they break. Do post comments on the Forum so we can all share opinions on which ones are best (or least worst!). Post new link suggestions too.

Parkstone Regalia

The Club holds a small stock of official Club regalia which can be purchased from Reception.  All other clothing and regalia can be ordered directly through our supplier, Ace Office Supplies Tel. 01202 240000 The Ace catalogue can be browsed online at

Sailing Links

Poole Harbour

Local notices to mariners.

UK Government


Weather Links

UK MetOffice Forecasts

Poole Harbour

Live weather data for the harbour.

NOAA's Data Buoy Centre

This interesting site gives the latest current data at about 20 buoys around the United Kingdom, including four in the Channel. Data includes wave heights as well as wind speed and direction.

Data from the Channel Lightship is also available.


This is another weather station publishing live and historical wind data at the Brample Bank in the Solent. It has links to similar data in Southampton Water and Chichester Harbour.

European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting


Good wind forecast.


This is a windsurfers favourite! It forecasts wind data for the next five days.

Wetter Zentrale

This German site gives us for free  what we UK tax payers have to pay extra for at the Meteorological Office! The full synoptic map of the UK. Select the forecasts for 12 hour periods up to 5 days out using the FAX section at the top of the page frame which accesses all the European synoptic charts. Select the source (HIRLAM is the USAF, DWS the German Weather Service, Bracknell is the UK Met Office. Select then the prediction time  ("Analyse 12h ...etc").

The Weather Channel

A good general forecast source.

Tide Times