As a vibrant, diverse and friendly Sailing Club we welcome new Members to enjoy our fantastic new Clubhouse and some of the best sailing in the UK.

We offer an extensive range of sailing and social activities for our Members.

We invite applications from active sailors who will participate in racing / cruising and support the volunteering necessary to facilitate the Club's activities.

We do not currently offer Social Membership.
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If you are interested in becoming a member or would like more information please contact our Membership team:

Membership Categories

Full Membership

This membership is the most popular and grants all the privileges of membership at Parkstone YC including boat storage and voting rights.
Full members can book dinghies into yard storage, helm boats in club organised racing and sailing groups. They can have berths in marina (subject to the waiting list) and keep boats on moorings. They may also vote at the AGM. All applicants wishing to become Full members have to go though a provisional membership period which includes an interview,

There are three main age categories that apply to new members
  • 18 to 24
  • 25 to 35
  • over 35

Membership Charges

Associate Membership

Associate membership allows a member access to the clubhouse but these members cannot store a boat at the Club.
There are 3 types of associate membership:

  • Crew – proposed by a Full Member to regularly crew for the named proposer

  • Local – a permanent resident of the Elms Estate

  • Affiliate – a Full Member of not less than 12 months of another Sailing Club in Dorset or Hampshire

Youth Member

  • Under 18 Sailing children.

Family Member

A spouse or partner of a Full, or Associate Member, and their children who are not sailing under the age of 25 who live at the same address may apply to become a Family Member, subject to conditions set out in the Club’s Rules. 

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Facilities for Members