June 2016 - Newsletter

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June 2016 - Newsletter

I alone in thinking that’s it is ironic that in the same month as the country has voted to leave the EU, 72 years ago, hundreds of thousands of allied soldiers fought a desperate struggle to make Europe a safer place: I wonder how they are reacting to today’s news about our unplanned Brexit?

SAILING news pales into insignificance really but if you feel the same way as me, after the endless debating period, a little light relief probably wouldn’t go amiss. As ever, the sailing amongst the fleet is tight. I have included below a selection of results for your delectation. If you require more detailed information, you can find it, of course, on the Laser Fleet website.


The contest for top honours looks close; I wonder if Bob has done enough? The scrap for 4th place is even closer, and if the ‘head screwed on’ Colston turns up, Courtenay may have to work hard for his 7th place. I’m involved in a similar struggle with Richard Strang but sadly we’re both not quite fast enough to get into the abbreviated version of the results!



Some familiar names here but not always in the positions we’ve become accustomed to seeing them in. I think there have been more results than this but I know that there has been some disruption caused by unco-operative winds and tides.


It’s nice to see an old friend’s name appearing on the honours board – We’d hoped to see more of Andrew Hartley as a result of him no longer having to travel to London each day but the rigours of exams for the almost the entire family have kept him away.

Congratulations to both Bob Cudmore and Trevor Annels who appear in the top ten of each of the series.

AWAY from the club, the Laser Masters National Championship has been held at Hayling Island over the long week-end of 24th-26th of June. 6 of our most successful sailors went to pit their wits against the best in the country! Just to remind you, the event is divided by rig, (Standard & Radial), and those two categories are sub-divided by age, (see the table below for clarification):

Apprentice Master




Grand Master


Great Grand Master




I can’t believe which box I’m in and even worse, which box I’m going into next year!

67 Radial sailors sailed in at least one race and there were 54 Standards. This is how our intrepid group fared:






Roger (S) AM 9th 76pts
Bob (S) M 12th 100pts
Andrew (S) M 16th 115pts
Mark (S) M 43rd 254pts
Ann (R) GM 19th 137pts
Roberta (R) M 20th 148pts

Roger has the honour of winning one of the races (race 5), but I’ll be interested to hear what he made of the fact that the winner of the overall event in the Standard division (with 40pts) was a Grand Master! I’m sure coming 2nd Apprentice Master will help soothe the pain of losing to an older man! Bob ended up as 5th Master.

Ann was 1st Lady overall and, therefore, of course 1st Grand Master Lady. Roberta was 1st Lady Master.

Conditions were very challenging with waves, wind and electrical storms to contend with. The latter element led to very poor visibility which might help to explain why Bob, Andrew and Mark all failed to find their way to the finish in Race 5. Had they been closer to Roger they could have followed him home!

Roger receiving his prize for finishing 2nd Apprentice Master.

Sail fast and fair,
Ann & John
Commanding Officer and Dog Robber

Ps Our sailor for the month of June is Trevor Annels – awarded for consistent improvement in both the long and short formats of our game!

Sailors of the Month
April Mark Scott
May Bob Cudmore
June Trevor Annels
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