Poole Dolphins - Keeping Tradition Alive

The Dolphin is a modern traditional dinghy with over one hundred years of history of sailing in Poole Harbour. It is a 16' clinker built sloop well ballasted with a heavy centreplate. Its simple but powerful rig makes it ideally suited to the sailor tired of life in the fast and wet lane but who does not wish to sacrifice the pleasures of competitive racing. It is ideal for cruising and its stability makes it ideal to take out youngsters. It is possible to attach an outboard via a bracket attachment on the transom in order to drive the boat when cruising.

The boat is a strict "One Design" in conception, The fleet comprises modern composite GRP boats and the majority are moored within the Marina. 

The class has a high percentage turnout for the various club series racing throughout the year. The racing is close and most crews have a good chance of high places during the season. The class also has a statistically high turnout during Poole Week. 

Dolphin owners and crews are unusually sociable for such a competitive class and enjoy the Club facilities.

If you would like to consider sailing the competitive classic for civilised sailors, contact any of those listed above for more information or a trial sail.

Class Contacts

Class Captain: Peter Harris
Vice Captain:  
Webmaster: David Ceaton

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