Wednesday 10 June 2019

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Wednesday 10 June 2019

Only 3 boats lined up on the start line, without Alan on the box.

A course was set of Wych, Stakes and Northshore Homes and Crispin set the pace from the start.

Both Crispin and Steve and Dick and Peter elected to stay in the main channel with the tide coming in whilst Chris and Ron headed to the shore of Brownsea and that paid well, putting them close to Crispin and in front of Dick.

Positions stayed the same to Stakes, but on the downwind leg to Northshore Homes, Chris and Ron had a bad gibe, allowing Dick and Peter to pass.

The positions didn’t change for the last lap, the race was shortened and the final positions were as follows:

1st Crispin Read-Wilson and Steve Brown
2nd Dick Linford and Peter Biggs
3rd Chris Jermyn and Ron Elliott

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