Wednesday 26 June 2019

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Wednesday 26 June 2019

NE winds are generally tricky. the average was NE and 14kts but that hid some real extremes
Weatherfile from the platform shows the extremes well

Lowest strength 7kts, highest 21kts
Furthest left 359” furthest right 89”

It certainly felt shifty and up/down all afternoon.

6 boats set out on an Olympic course using Parkstone Dental, Stans and Rebbecks

Simon and Mike nailed the start and led the whole way - appearing untroubled but looking at the conditions hardly stress free.

The other places kept changing, initially it was Steve/Lisa from Colin/Chris then Geof/Alan.
All boats except Colin/Chris dropped kites at Rebbecks but this boat dropped soon after.

The beats were particularly snakes and ladders (except for Simon/Mike who sailed serenely onward) with compression, overtaking and close crosses common.

When it really mattered at the finish the order was:

All agreed it was a lovely afternoon in the sun and a fun sail.
Great to see Carol Duke back where she belongs at the front of a fifteen.

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