August 2016 - Newsletter

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August 2016 - Newsletter

I HAVE NEVER SEEN the film ‘Groundhog Day’ but having watched Andrew Hartley sail his way to another trophy, this time in the Saturday Summer Mini Series, I feel my appreciation of that cinematic production has been enhanced.

If, like me, you didn’t know that ‘Groundhog Day’ was an actual event; take a look. Also, if you didn’t know what a Groundhog looks like, here’s a picture-it looks pretty much like a Marmot to me.

It has to be said, though that Andrew didn’t have things all his own way. After five races (with one discard counting), the top three sailors were on 8 points. So, Andrew won on a countback system that has several levels, all of which were needed to separate the second and third boats (Roger and Mike Atkinson respectively). When I tell you that Bob Cudmore came fourth, you might think that it was quite windy, but it really wasn’t, although Roberta coming fifth, sailing in her radial rig, (hence being first radial) might disagree. 19 boats turned out and seemed to have good racing and good fun. One of the problems with such short racing though is that the windward mark, on the first lap can get a bit crowded. I hear on the jungle drums that some naughty people didn’t do a turn or turns after infringing – I refer you to our sign off motto! Try to get on the water for the next mini series which will be held in the Autumn. The previous two winners were Colston, two years ago, in the inaugural event, and last year, wait for it, Andrew Hartley. For Bill Murray’s sake, get out and make sure Andrew doesn’t win!

THE MONDAY SERIES part 2 is reaching its climax with some familiar names at the top of the pile. Nick Morgan has failed to capitalise on his earlier form by virtue of not turning up! No doubt he’ll have a reasonable excuse like family holidays etc. With four scheduled races left, Colston and Ann are going to have to pull out all the stops if they are going to prevent Roberta from gaining top honours. Likewise, Courtenay will need to get his act together if he is going to improve on his final position of 8th in last year’s series. Mind you, he is in the frame for at least one prize or another since he has possibly capsized more times in this series than the rest of the fleet put together. Is this some sort of sub-conscious attempt to get back to the antipodes, Courtenay, I ask myself. You won’t have failed to notice that my attempts to enter the realms of the top ten are currently unsuccessful (as indeed they were last year!), but as I learnt on the radio this morning, if I reach for the moon and fail, I’ll still be amongst the stars – quite a long way though from the shining light of Roberta, nearly all of whose discards equal or better my best race result so far- I can drink pints faster than she can though, so there! (recent form suggests this is an idol boast

I’M NOT QUITE sure what it is about the Wednesday series but there always seems to be an air of mystery about the results. I notice that this year’s race results recorder was making a plaintive plea this week for help with compiling the results since the Race Officer had decided to slap a ‘D’ notice on them! So, with the sort of disdain that Ian Hislop shows for the risk of being sued I have decided to publish the top ten for Wednesday night sailing (other publications* are available).

It all looks pretty tight if you ask me. Don’t rule out your Commanding Officer, who is, at the moment, having to count a DNC. A light evening on the last race (31st of August), and one which sees Mike and Roger in trouble could well provide a surprise- I realise that describing Ann winning a series as a surprise is a bit disloyal, but you know what I mean don’t you?

Rank Sail No. Name Total Nett
1 71 Mike A 136.0 15.0
2 208995 Roger Hakes 197.0 16.0
3 22 Iain Reid 255.0 29.0
4 204966 Col N 152.0 30.0
5 72 Trevor Annels 374.1 46.1
6 14 Pete Taylor 349.0 51.0
7 203298 Mark Scott 325.0 56.0
8 16 Stuart B 233.0 57.0
9 208999 Ann Keates 386.0 58.0
10 74 Bob Cudmore 398.0 70.0








The picture below gives a fine indication of the sort of weather we enjoyed during Poole Week and of the type of apr├Ęs sailing activities we indulged in. A slightly more salacious picture of the nocturnal exploits of some of the fleet appears on Facebook!

All of this was much to the liking of Roger Hakes who was the winner of Poole Week in the Laser Standard! More details will appear in September’s issue but before I sign off, I must mention Hayley Hughes sailing all three races on Sunday in a 25 Kts breeze (one gust was recorded at 29Kts!), despite going for a swim- 8 times! For this reason, Hayley is our ‘Sailor of the Month’ for August.


Sail fast and fair,

Ann & John
Commanding Officer and Dog Robber

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