October 2016 Newsletter

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October 2016 Newsletter

Although arguably not as well known as Stephenie Mayer’s saga, our very own Twilight series ended with an equally scary and adrenalin-fuelled rush of a race, engagingly described by Pete Taylor (check the web-site for his report), and witnessed by the only other two Lasers around, Stu Bromidge and Mike Atkinson (rescue boat duty). These rather climactic events led to the final podium table looking like this:

Ann Keates
Pete Taylor
Mike Atkinson

Well done to Mike for sticking to his tradition of always doing a duty on the last race of the Twilight series even though this is the third time that his final position has been compromised by so doing. This year he is demoted to 3rd place (2nd loser in the eyes of his daughters!), by virtue of Peter Taylor having a better last race finish (1v2)!

The winter series is, of course, well under way, although the weather so far has been decidedly unwintery, in terms of temperature if not wind strength. After 5 races, 38 boats have turned out at least once, and a respectable 14 boats currently have a series result. Average turn-out, so far is a highly commendable 17 boats. Andrew Hartley (6pts) and Iain Reid (7pts) are currently vying for top spot but waiting in the wings is Roberta (9pts). Whilst not wishing Iain any misfortune, the prospect of a head-to-head Hartley clash in the last race of the series with all to play for is an enticing one, to say the least! Another family battle is raging in this series: the Wakefield boys are in town. It has to be said, though, that they are trying their hardest to avoid each other, only competing on the same race day twice. So far, the score is one race victory each – Race 4 to Christian (6th v 13 th) and race 5 to Gary (8th v 13th). Watch this space to see if the fur will fly! John Lyons and his son have had one battle in the series so far with John striking a blow for the dads; but only just (7th v 8th)!

So what have we got to look forward to in the next few weeks? Well, there is the faint possibility that the Laser quiz team might win something on Monday nights – why not join us? Give Captain Colston a ring. The Laser AGM has been announced by e-mail already but just in case it has slipped your notice, the meeting will be held on Saturday 26th of November beginning at 7.00pm. This should give us plenty of time to fit in the traditional curry afterwards – please let Ann know if you are intending to join us so we can avoid doing a ‘Colston’ and give the restaurant a reasonably accurate estimate of numbers. And before you accuse me of being unfair, I do know it wasn’t Colston’s fault!

Finally, we come to the ‘Sailor of the Month’ award. For being only one of two sailors to have sailed in every one of October’s races and never finishing lower than 4th in any of them, the Sailor of the Month for October is: (cue endless repetitive musical beats!), Roberta Hartley.

Sail fast and fair,

Commanding Officer and Dog Robber

Ann & John

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