Monday Night Series II - 2017

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Monday Night Series II - 2017

Monday August 21 saw the end of series II with a very healthy turn-out of 34 boats. Once again the wind was light: a trend of the last few weeks! Although there are familiar names on the honours board, series II has presented us with some encouraging stats.

The series was as closely fought as ever but conditions conspired against Chris Walley in the later stages which allowed Roberta to secure a victory after two 2 places in the last two races of the series. We had an amazing number of boats that sailed for at least one race (76!), which allows us to increase the number of prize winners by one. Here they are:

Place Name Points
1 Roberta H 13
2 Chris W 14
3 Ann K 19
4 Rob P 29
5 Scott P 35
6 Andrew T 39
7 Colston N 45
8 Rob C 46

The second series always shows a slightly less regular turn-out as holidays impact on sailing. This year has been no exception with only 28% (22/76) of helms gaining a full series. However, we’ve still had a handful of sailors who have turned up for every race. Here they are:

Trevor Annels
Colston Nichols
Rob Penson
Chris Whalley

In a similarly positive vein, we did achieve an average turn-out of 30 boats, but it must be said that ‘Big Monday’ was an important factor in this.

Series II consisted of 14 races and these produced 6 different winners:

Name Giles K Roberta H Chris W Peter T Jon G Stuart Ba
No of wins 5 3 3 1 1

A couple of things might interest you. Chris Walley was ‘robbed’ of a bullet by the guest appearance of one of Courtenay’s relatives, for Big Monday, who turned out to be an ex laser sailor of some repute and, more importantly, one who had seemingly lost little of his skill! Giles Kuzyk won five of the six races he turned up for and was just one race short of sailing a full series. Had he sailed this extra race in the same manner as his others, the top of the honours board might have had a different look!

One of the most striking statistics to emerge from this review is that 25 female helms took part in at least one race in the series! This allows for a healthy honours board of five places. Here they are:

Name Roberta H Ann K Sam N Pam W Holly A
Place 1 2 3 4 5

One third of our entrants are female: we’re doing better in the equality stakes than the Houses of Parliament methinks!

What about the oldies? Here’s a list of the best performing ancients:

1st Apprentice Chris W
1st Master Robert H
1st Grand Master Ann K
1st Great Grand Master Stuart B

Unofficially, Bob Cudmore has just pipped Harry Cowell to be 1st placed Radial but I’ll just need to check that Bob’s results have all been in the smaller rig.

In the last review, I pointed out the importance of leading sailors showing the rest of us the way by doing a turn (only one needed on Monday nights) and I also made a few remarks about starting correctly. Further to this last feature, I think it might be appropriate to suggest what should happen if you haven’t started by the time the Gate boat is offered the opportunity to tack (usually 45 seconds after the starting signal). Clearly to continue on Starboard after the Gate Boat has tacked gives you an unfair advantage over the Gate Boat and other late legitimate starters. Therefore what you should attempt to do is to sail behind a line directly behind the tacked Gate Boat’s transom before you tack. If none of this makes sense, talk to Ann who will, no doubt, explain it better than me.

Whilst on the subject of starting correctly, please remember that a gap between the Gate Boat and the Race Committee Boat is deliberately created 10 seconds before the official start, (the size of the gap created will depend on the skill of the gate boat in combination with the skill of the race team. If you go through that gap before the official starting signal you will be recorded as OCS unless you dip back below the line of the Gate Boat (probably better and quicker to gybe around the Committee Boat).

You won’t need this until the next gate boat starts (either in the autumn mini series or in the Perisher). The last evening sail of the Monday series (Sep 4th) will be held along similar lines to last year’s extravaganza.  The aim is to run a fun mini series beginning at 5pm for those who can make it (using a line start). Rules and spot prizes to be awarded at the discretion of the race team. Two results to count so join in whenever you can. The Fleet Captain has agreed to provide a free drink for those taking part (beer, lager or soft drink only!). Let’s hope for good weather.

JK (scorer for the Monday Night series)

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